Other Projects

The following showcase some of Karl’s other work which do not fit into the Television Commercial category. They include longer format work such as Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Music Videos, Short Films, Trailers and Experimental projects.

Goggo D'art Project

A preview of the “Goggo D’art Project” documentary. Its about art, darts, cars and collectors! It’s a fun romp that connects the world of fine art, car racing and high octane enthusiasm in the creation of a totally unique piece of art! Please visit goggodartproject.com for more information


INESA – Corporate video fora Shanghai based Chinese company 3’51”


State of Electronics Trailer


The World in Motion – Experimental film of Time-lapses from around the world


The Bee Keeper – An impromptu mini doco about an amazing man


Broken Wings Trailer – A documentary project about the supposed burial of Spitfire Aircraft in Australia at the end of World War Two

The Park

The Park – Experimental film about one of Shanghai’s many public parks

State of Electronics "Roll Call"

State of Electronics “Roll Call” – A quick introduction to the cast of the web series.

Batavia "A modern tale"

Batavia “A modern tale” – An experimental film about an amazing port in Jakarta’s old dutch colonial area (Indonesia)

"A salute to veterans"

“A salute to veterans” Tyabb Air Show 2014 – A tribute video to the veterans

RAAF Airmen's code

RAAF Airmen’s code – An Australian Defence Force video for the RAAF

Carlton Draught "Drop the Bomb"

Carlton Draught “Drop the Bomb” – A viral video where a car is jettisoned from 13,000 feet in the hope of hitting a target!

Centenary of Military Aviation in Australia

Centenary of Military Aviation in Australia – A tribute video to the first 100 years

Killing Heidi "Superman Supergirl"

Killing Heidi “Superman Supergirl” – Music Video for Australian rock group Killing Heidi

Wreck Adventures Trailer

Wreck Adventures Trailer – a pitch trailer for a TV series about a group of guys who search for wrecks from WW2 in the south pacific

Space Like Alice "Grounded"

Space Like Alice “Grounded” – A music video for Australian Rock Group Space Like Alice

Singapore Awakens

Singapore Awakens – An experimental video about the modernisation of Singapore as seen with through time lapse

New Years Eve Hong Kong 2010

New Years Eve Hong Kong 2010 – Experimental time lapse video shot in Hong Kong