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Since graduating from Film School (former Swinburne “Film and TV School” now the VCA part of Melbourne University) Karl has worked as a Director in Television Commercial Advertising for a number of years, directing many commercials for the likes of Coca Cola, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, The Australian Defence Force and many other international Clients. He has also shot and directed many music video’s, several documentaries and other dramatic shorts of a more personal nature.

Having a love for all things photographic, Karl is able to utilise his knowledge of Photography & Cinematography to bring the best techniques in filmmaking processes to every project that he directs. With a strong sense for visual style, mixed with the ability to garner excellent performances out of his cast, Karl is able to tell engaging stories. His knowledge of post production (and what can be realistically achieved) is invaluable to all. He takes pride in his preparation for every job and spends as much time as possible researching, storyboarding, casting and finding references for every treatment he submits.

Karl enjoys working in a collaborative environment to enable the best possible result for any project. Creativity mixed with effective communications have resulted in many repeat customers. Many commercials have won awards and commendations for effectiveness in marketing, audience reach & creative endeavour. Often, metrics provided by Client or Agency have shown very large increase in sales which are directly attributed to the commercial television campaign.

During his spare time, Karl often shoots and directs personal projects, several of which are long term in nature. Currently, Karl is developing¬†and shooting a documentary called “Broken Wings” (see for more) about the burial of Spitfire Aircraft in Australia after WWII with writer James Carter. In addition, Karl is directing a very large project on the History of Technology in Australia entitled “State of Electronics”. You can find out more about “State of Electronics” in his blog here or via his Vimeo Channel here. For “State of Electronics”, Karl has interviewed major contributors to the industry such as Dick Smith (DSI), Gary Johnston (Jaycar/Electus Distribution), Grant Petty (Blackmagic Design),¬† Owen Hill (Microbee Computer), Leo Simpson (Publisher of Silicon Chip Magazine), David L Jones (EEVBlog), Colin Mitchell (Talking Electronics), Peter Thorne (Former Head of Computer Science Melbourne University/ CIRAC) to name just a few as well as feature major companies like Cochlear Limited, Silanna Semiconductor, Blackmagic Design, Jaycar, Freetronics, Museum Victoria and The Powerhouse Museum Sydney.

For further information contact Karl von Moller on +614 0407750317

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